How many GB is Minecraft?

How many GB is Minecraft?
The amount of storage space you need for Minecraft varies depending on your gameplay preferences

Minecraft has gained immense popularity among avid gamers due to its distinctive characteristics that enable players to visualize themselves in a new and different world.

Nevertheless, the expansive planets in the game and an extensive array of tools often raise concerns about the amount of storage space required to install and run the game.

If you wonder whether your computer has sufficient storage capacity for the installation and operation of Minecraft, you came to the right place.

In this context, we will delve into the storage space that Minecraft typically uses to help you determine if your system can handle it.

Minecraft System Requirements

Minecraft is a relatively straightforward game that demands minimal storage space of less than 1 GB across all operating systems and devices, such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

Nevertheless, as players explore and introduce new planets, modifications, plugins, and skins to the game, the storage requirements may increase considerably to over 30 GB.

Despite the potential for growth in storage requirements, Minecraft is not a massive software in terms of file size due to its low-resolution textures and simple 3D objects.

How many GB is Minecraft on PC?

Finding a gaming PC that can meet the system requirements for Minecraft does not necessitate a chest full of diamonds.

However, certain features of the game are only accessible to those with more powerful systems.

How many GB is Minecraft Java?

For the Minecraft Java Edition on a Windows system, the game takes up roughly 525 MB of storage space.

However, once it is installed, the storage space occupied by the game expands to approximately 1 GB or more.

How many GB is Minecraft Bedrock?

For Minecraft on Windows 10, also known as Bedrock Edition, the download size is listed as 900 MB.

However, the recommended values are significantly higher, with 8 GB of memory and 4 GB for file size.

If you choose to install Minecraft on a Mac device, the initial installation folder size would be 385.5 MB, as mentioned in the App Store.

Nevertheless, a free space of 1 to 2 GB is necessary to install the game.

How many GB is Minecraft on Android?

Minecraft is available in various editions that come in different sizes.

The size of Minecraft on mobile devices such as Android varies depending on the device.

It is advisable to check the size of the game on the Google Play Store before installation.

For Android devices, the download size of Minecraft is listed as 116 MB.

How many GB is Minecraft on iOS?

For iOS and iPadOS, the current version of Minecraft displays an app size of 358.5 MB on the App Store.

On Fire OS or Kindle Fire tablets, the Amazon Appstore lists the size of the latest version of Minecraft as 132 MB.

It is essential to note that the sizes mentioned above are typically for the base game only.

The game often decompresses some data, which can result in a final game size that is larger than what is stated in the app stores.

Additionally, the sizes mentioned do not include the worlds generated while playing the game.

How many GB is Minecraft on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Fire TV, Gear VR?

The sizes for Xbox and PS4 will vary based on the version.

Here is a table of the approximate sizes of Minecraft on different gaming consoles:

Console Size
Xbox One 1.29 GB
Xbox 360 113.21 MB
PlayStation 3 90 MB
PlayStation 4 225 MB
Nintendo Switch 1.12 GB
PlayStation Vita 164 MB
Wii U 1.62 GB
Fire TV 100 MB
Gear VR 335 MB


In short, the amount of storage space you need for Minecraft varies depending on your gameplay preferences.

Typically, the core game only requires approximately 1 GB of storage on any device.

However, if you decide to install extra mods, the storage requirements can increase substantially, potentially up to 50 GB.