How far does water flow in Minecraft?

How far does water flow in Minecraft
Source blocks are still water. These are the kinds of block that can be picked up or placed using a bucket. Source blocks can be destroyed by placing a solid block such as dirt or sand in the space they occupy.

Minecraft primarily centers around the concept of mining and crafting tools necessary for survival.

However, the gameplay isn’t limited to underground exploration and gathering metals.

In fact, there are various activities that can be undertaken on the surface.

One aspect of Minecraft that players can utilize is water bodies.

These can serve as useful dividers between biomes and provide a convenient means of transporting items across different locations.

This article will delve into the distance that water can flow in Minecraft.

How many blocks does water flow in Minecraft?

How many blocks does water flow in Minecraft

To simply answer this question, water in Minecraft can flow up to 7 blocks in all directions on a flat surface when placed from a bucket.

However, if the water is placed on top of a mountain or any elevated terrain, it will flow indefinitely until it reaches the bottom and then continue to flow for an additional seven blocks.

It is worth noting that any obstacles along the way, such as walls or solid blocks, will reduce the distance that the water can flow.

How to control water flow in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the flow of water can only be managed by obstructing its path with obstacles.

Many blocks within the game have the ability to halt the movement of water.

Additionally, digging holes in strategic locations can be used to manipulate the direction and flow of water within the game.

How to make an infinite water source in Minecraft

How to make an infinite water source in Minecraft

Creating an infinite water source in Minecraft is similar to making still water.

However, you will require a hole that is at least three blocks long and two buckets of water to achieve this.

First, place one bucket of water on the right side of the hole and the other bucket on the left side.

The middle block will then transform into a water source, which will enable you to collect an endless supply of water from it.

It’s crucial to remember that if you retrieve water from the sides, it will convert into flowing water, losing its infinite property.

How to create still water in Minecraft

How far does water flow in Minecraft?


Most bodies of water in Minecraft remain still as they are confined within geographic features.

If you wish to create your own still water body, you will need to construct a small pond or lake and then fill it with water.

Since you are crafting your own terrain, you have the option to add undulations or keep it completely level.

As long as the area where you add the water is enclosed, you can introduce still water without any issues.

It is possible to utilize this method to create an infinite water source within Minecraft.

To accomplish this, you will need two buckets of water and an area that is a minimum of three blocks long and wide, with a single block situated in the middle.


Now that you know the number of blocks that water will flow in Minecraft and some important considerations when dealing with water within the game, you are better equipped to work with it.

Armed with this information, in addition to the ability to create still water in Minecraft, you can create a variety of impressive contraptions and designs within the game.