How Can I See Hidden Followers on Facebook

How Can I See Hidden Followers on Facebook
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People who follow your page without friending you, people who have blocked or removed individuals from your friends’ list, people who have deactivated their accounts but can still view your content, and even spammers and bots are examples of hidden followers on Facebook.

There are different ways how can I see hidden followers on Facebook.

how can I see hidden followers on Facebook?

Method 1. Examine your list of followers

If you’re using a phone, here’s how to see who is following you on Facebook.

Step 1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android device.

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Step 2. Tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner of your screen. This is the Menu button.

Step 3. Click on your name. This will take you to your Profile page.

Step 4. Scroll down and select View Your About Information. It will take you to your About page, where you can see your complete profile information.

Step 5. In the personal info section at the top of your About page, tap Followed by # people to see how many people are following you.

Tap it to open your Followers page, which displays a complete list of everyone who is following you.

Method 2. Examine Your Mutual Friends

Mutual friends are linked to both you and the person who is possibly following you.

First, look at the profile of anyone who might be following you.

Then, look through their mutual friend list. They’re probably following you if they have mutual friends with you.

You can also look through the profiles of your mutual friends to see if they are connected to anyone else who is following you.

Examining the profiles of mutual friends may also reveal that other people are secretly watching your posts.

Method 3. Use Social Revealer

Step 1. Download and install ‘Social Revealer’.

Step 2. Access your Facebook account.

Step 3. Go to the person’s profile to see their hidden friend list.

Step 4. On Chrome, install the ‘Social Revealer’ extension.

Step 5. When it’s open, select “See Friends.”

Step 6. A new tab will open with the Facebook user’s friend list.

Method 4. Use ‘Chart Search’ as a Facebook feature

You must look for keywords related to the person he has in common with the friend you are looking for.

Facebook will display all of your friends who fall into that category. You can then find the friend you’re looking for.


Check your followers’ list, and mutual friends, use ‘Chart Search’ as a Facebook feature, or use Social Revealer to find hidden followers on Facebook.

how can I see hidden followers on Facebook is a simple procedure.