How accurate is find my iPhone?

A story is told about a man who woke up but could not locate his brand-new iPhone. After searching everywhere, including his car, sitting room, kitchen, and even trash bin, his iPhone was nowhere to be seen. 

Armed with his iPad, he launched the location app in order to know where his lovely phone would be located.

Guess what, The green dot indicated that his next-door neighbour was with his phone.

What happened is a story for another day. 

Imagine breaking into your neighbour’s home at the stroke of midnight, waking them up, and accusing them of stealing your phone while appearing to be a psychotic thief or murderer—only to discover that the address had lied to you.

How can you know that your search is accurate so that you don’t wake up your neighbour demanding your phone, yet you dropped it in your trash can or your kid hid it somewhere? 

To understand this, we look at two situations 

Find my iPhone –No Green Circle

No green circle, it means that the location should be fairly reliable
No green circle means that the location should be fairly reliable

When the find my iPhone has no green circle, it means that the location should be fairly reliable

Find my iPhone – Large Green Circle

iPhone’s location is approximate
iPhone’s location is approximate

The large green circle tells us that the iPhone’s location is approximate and the larger the green circle grows, the more approximate the location of the device is.

Why is there a change if the WiFi is off?

When determining a position, Find My iPhone uses both your Wifi and the built-in GPS. When Wifi is turned off, the system locates the device using just one bit of information as opposed to two. When you’re inside a structure or there is any kind of interference, WiFi greatly aids in determining your iPhone’s position.


A number of variables, such as interference, the GPS signal, and whether Wifi is switched on, will affect Find my iPhone’s accuracy. You can tell how precise that information is by looking at how big the green circle is around your phone’s position. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that if your phone is asleep, Wifi might be turned off, which means you might more frequently see a green circle.