Best brawlers in Brawl Stars

An image showing various Brawl Stars game characters
Learn about the Best brawlers in Brawl Stars for each situation, so you can dominate the competition

If you have played Brawl Stars, then you know that the Brawlers are essential.

Whether you are completing missions, climbing up the leaderboards, or gathering gems, having the right Brawler on your team can make all the difference.

With over 50 Brawlers available, it can be tough to choose the right one for the job.

But don’t worry, I am here to help.

If you’re looking for a list of the best Brawlers to use in Brawl Stars, you have come to the right place.

I will tell you which Brawler is the best for each situation, so you can dominate the competition.


An image of Brawl Stars character Amber

Brawl Stars has many good characters, but one of the best is Amber.

She is a Legendary type and can do well in any situation.

Amber is a Firebreather who can do a lot of damage.

She has attacks that can reach far and gadgets that make her even better.

One of Amber’s best moves is called Dragon’s Breath, which shoots flames really far.

She also has a Super called Torch ‘Em that can do a lot of damage through walls.

Amber has star powers and gadgets that make her even stronger.

For example, Fire Starters makes her run really fast and leave fire behind her.

Amber is especially good for a game mode called Heist.

Colonel Ruffs

An image of Brawl Stars character Colonel Ruffs

Colonel Ruffs is a tough fighter in Brawl Stars, even though he has low health.

You can unlock him by reaching Tier 30 in Season 5 Brawl Pass, but he is definitely worth waiting for.

Colonel Ruffs is great at attacking from a distance and reloading quickly.

His Double-Barrel Laser Attack is awesome because he shoots two lasers at once.

His special move is called Supply Drop, and it’s super cool.

Colonel Ruffs throws a beacon that calls in a supply drop to attack his enemies.

You can collect small badges that help you get stronger and do more damage when you use Supply Drop.

Colonel Ruffs has two star powers, Air Superiority and Field Promotion, that help protect his teammates.

He also has two gadgets, Take Cover and Air Support, that can do some serious damage.

Colonel Ruffs is a good choice for game modes like Brawl Ball, Heist, and Duo Showdown.

Give him some allies to fight with, and he will do his best to win.



An image of Brawl Stars character Byron

Byron is a strong fighter in the game, known as a Mythic Brawler, and he looks quite scary. But don’t be fooled by his appearance, as he has some interesting and useful abilities that make him stand out.

One of his attacks is called Careful Dose, which allows him to hit enemies with a dart that deals three times the usual damage. Additionally, if the dart hits any of Byron’s teammates, they will be healed, which is pretty helpful.

Another one of Byron’s abilities is called Full Treatment, which involves him throwing vials that can both heal his allies and damage his enemies. This makes him quite versatile in battle.

To keep himself alive, Byron has a gadget called Shot In The Arm that can replenish his health by 800 points per second. He also has two star powers, Malaise and Injection. Malaise is especially useful as it reduces the amount of healing that enemies receive by 75%, making them easier to defeat.

Overall, Byron is a great choice for team battles, and players should make the most of his unique abilities to gain an advantage.


An image of Brawl Stars character Belle

Belle is the second Chromatic Brawler in our list.

You will have to wait a bit to unlock her just like Colonel Ruffs. Belle is a reward that you get at Tier 30 in Season 6.

Belle is a useful Brawler with a long attack range.

Her attack is called Shocker, and it’s pretty impressive.

Not only can it destroy anyone or anything it touches, but it can also jump over to the next targets and destroy them too.

Belle’s Super, Spotter, is similar to Shocker.

And yes, Belle has gadgets.

One of them is the Nest Egg, which is an invisible trap that can harm anyone who walks into it.

The trap is so powerful that anyone within a 3-tile radius can also get caught.

Belle’s Positive Feedback Superpower is clever.

Her shield protection increases for every enemy she takes down.

Her Grounded Superpower can knock down enemies and keep them down for a while.

Belle’s ammo is specially designed for specific events.

You can use her in places like Hot Maze and Acid Lakes.


An image of Brawl Stars character Edgar

Edgar is a tough guy who gets angry quickly and looks intimidating.

He is a rare Epic Brawler and is known as an assassin.

When he uses his Super move, he moves super fast, and it’s hard to keep up with him.

Edgar’s Super move also recharges itself, so he can use it again and again.

He fights with his scarf, which can punch through things and cause a lot of damage.

This move is called Fight Club.

Edgar can jump over obstacles using his Super move called Vault.

This lets him get to enemies really fast and catch them off guard.

Plus, he is invincible when he uses Vault, so he can’t be hurt.

He has two special abilities called Hardcore Gadget and Hard Landing.

Hardcore Gadget protects him from damage, and Hard Landing makes enemies take damage when he lands on them.

He also has Fisticuffs, which make him heal when he punches.

Edgar is perfect for Brawl Ball, Trophy Thieves, and any other game modes that require speed and strength.


An image of Brawl Stars character Crow

How about playing as a Legendary Assassin in Brawl Stars?

Meet Crow, a skilled fighter who can take down enemies with stealth and style.

Crow’s switchblade attack lets him ambush foes with three daggers that deal heavy damage and inject poison into their systems.

Crow’s Super Swoop is like something you’d see in a Batman movie.

He throws 14 daggers from the air that scatter across a wide area.

After landing, he throws 14 more daggers.

Crow has some cool gadgets that can help you clear out enemies, like the Defense Booster and Slowing Toxin.

Plus, his Carrion Crow and Extra Toxic Star Powers can make quick work of already-poisoned enemies.

Crow is great in Showdown, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Lone Star, and Knockout modes.

Try him out and see for yourself how this otherworldly assassin can deliver the goods every time.

Brawl Stars Best Brawlers

Up next is our Tier List of the best Brawlers to play in Brawl Stars.

We’ve ranked every Brawler based on every game mode and compiled them from S Tier to F Tier.

S Tier is the best of the best, while F Tier is the worst Brawlers to play right now.

S Tier Belle Chromatic
S Tier Brock Trophy Road
S Tier Leon Legendary
S Tier Rico Super Rare
S Tier Sandy Legendary
S Tier Piper Epic
S Tier Spike Legendary
S Tier Lola Chromatic
A Tier Buzz Chromatic
A Tier Mortis Mythic
A Tier Byron Mythic
A Tier Meg Legendary
A Tier Barley Rare
A Tier Sprout Mythic
A Tier Nani Epic
A Tier Gene Mythic
A Tier Amber Legendary
A Tier Tick Trophy Road
A Tier Squeak Mythic
A Tier Max Mythic
A Tier Colonel Ruffs Chromatic
B Tier Poco Rare
B Tier Crow Legendary
B Tier Pam Epic
B Tier Griff Epic
B Tier Surge Chromatic
B Tier El Primo Rare
B Tier Bibi Epic
B Tier Tara Mythic
B Tier EMZ Trophy Road
B Tier Edgar Epic
B Tier 8-Bit Trophy Road
B Tier Colt Trophy Road
B Tier Mr. P Mythic
C Tier Bea Epic
C Tier Jessie Trophy Road
C Tier Rosa Rare
C Tier Collete Chromatic
C Tier Bo Trophy Road
C Tier Penny Super Rare
C Tier Lou Chromatic
C Tier Ash Chromatic
C Tier Darryl Super Rare
C Tier Carl Super Rare
C Tier Nita Trophy Road
F Tier Dynamike Trophy Road
F Tier Gale Chromatic
F Tier Frank Epic
F Tier Jacky Super Rare
F Tier Bull Trophy Road
F Tier Shelly Trophy Road

Best brawler in Brawl Stars

As you have seen, Belle is like the best Brawler in Brawl Stars, and you should totally pick her for most game modes.

Other Brawlers lower on the list might not be as good overall, but they can still be really effective in certain situations, maybe even better than the top-ranked S Tier Brawlers.


That’s it for the Tier List for Brawlers in Brawl Stars.

I hope this guide helped you choose the best Brawler for your game.

If you want more Tier Lists, check out our Brawl Stars section on GuideNova.